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nnorom azuonyeBorn at Enugu on the 12th of July 1967, my hometown is Isuikwuato in Abia State of Nigeria.

I am a writer of poetry, fiction, drama, creative non-fiction and essays. I am also an interviewer, literary editor, publisher and businessman.

I am the Founding Chief Executive Officer, Sentinel Writing & Publishing Company Limited whose trading styles include Sentinel Poetry Movement, SPM Publications, Okolosi Books, and SPAWN Media Services (Nigeria). I am also CEO and Director of Creative Services at Eastern Light EPM Ltd – an Entertainment, Publishing & Marketing Services company.

Of everything I do, the most important are that I am a Methodist Local Preacher (on trial) in the service of the Almighty God, and I am a committed husband and devoted father.

Trained as a Dramatic Artist at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, graduating in 1990, winning the academic prize for Best Graduating Student that year. I also received the Best Poet Award at the Cultural Centre, Calabar in 1991. I have continued to work in the performing arts over the years particularly as a screenwriter and film script developer, and in various capacities in film production and marketing.

sala coverIn 1990, my play A Tasty Taboo received its world premiere at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and then toured. Throughout 1991, I wrote, directed and produced several short plays at the Mini Theatre at the Cultural Centre, Calabar, including the commissioned ‘Harmony in Ruins’ that examined black on black violence in South Africa, and ‘Return of the Businessman’ which was later translated into Igbo Language and broadcast on DITV, Kaduna in 1994. In 2011, my play, Funeral of the Minstrel was published in Sentinel Annual Literature Anthology. My other plays include Rage of the Restless and Guilotine of the Gods.

isokipiriThe first role on stage was ‘4th Woman’ in Ola Rotimi’s The Gods Are Not To Blame in 1979. I have gone on to play ‘Politician’ in Esiaba Irobi’s Nwokedi, ‘Sergeant’ in Femi Osofisan’s Once Upon Four Robbers, ‘Doctor’ in Kwesi Kay’s Maama, ‘Forest Head’ in Wole Soyinka’s A Dance of the Forests, ‘Elesi’ in Wole Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman, ‘Dr Egbunike’ in Nnamdi Ndu’s Scars that Mar, ‘Chief Olorogun’ in Don Pedro Amabibi’s Echoes of the Night, ‘Ogbuefi Idigo’ in both the stage and television versions of Emeka Nwabueze’s Guardians of the Cosmos, ‘The Masked Spirit Afor’ in Emeka Nwabueze’s When the Arrow Rebounds (an adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God) in a command performance marking Chinua Achebe’s 60th birthday. Other roles include Chief Isokipiri Erekosima in Esiaba Irobi’s Hangmen Also Die, ‘Iyase’ in Sam Ukala’s The Slave Wife, ‘Chief Gbonmiaiyelobiojo’ in Femi Osofisan’s Who’s Afraid of Solarin?’ and ‘German Officer’ in Ebrahim Hussein’s Kinjeketile.

I have also designed the sets for the stage productions of Ebrahim Hussein’s Kinjeketile, Don Pedro Amabibi’s Echoes of the Night. I also designed the set of Wole Soyinka’s Childe Internationale which I also directed, as I did Kwesi Kay’s Maama.

My poetry, short fiction, essays and interviews have appeared in several international journal, newspapers and anthologies including DrumVoices Revue, Sunday Chronicle, New Statesman, Weekly Star, Agenda, Orbis, Poetry Monthly, Sketchbook, Keystone, Theatre Forum, Opon Ifa, World Haiku Review, Eclectica magazine, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Maple Tree Literary Supplement, African Writing, Other Voices, Voices Against Racism: 100 Poems Against Racism, Songs for Wonodi, For the Love of God, and Sentinel Annual Literature Anthology, and Ether Books (on iTunes) among others.


In 2002 I founded the Sentinel Poetry Movement a popular international community of writers and artists. Sentinel Poetry Movement has a publishing arm, SPM Publications which publishes books and magazines including Sentinel Literary Quarterly and Sentinel Nigeria magazines.

I also write screenplays and offer a critique service for screenwriters, and have ghost-written screenplays for some African film-makers. In the growing Africa cinema environment, my Nollywood Focus has become an important capital in marketing African movies in the UK, and I am currently working on a bunch of film projects as Producer.

In 2006, I married Thelma (nee Mbomi) a Secondary ICT  teacher. We have been blessed with sons, Arinze and Obinna and a daughter, Nwachi. We live in South London.

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