The Royal GuestThe Royal Guest is a short story published as a book-to-go on iTunes by Ether Books for mobile devices. If you have an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, why not download the Ether App today in order to obtain this story. It costs just 69p to download the story.The Royal Guest captures the longest, most dramatic and most frightening day in the life of a Nigerian immigrant artist in the United Kingdom. As his day turns into an experience in hell, Koamasirichi stands at the threshold of separation from everything and everyone dear to him. Get the App here.
TBS The Bridge Selection was first published in 2005. This second edition has been published by SPM Publications in July 2012 and features additional poems not available in the first edition.“In The Bridge Selection, Azuonye demonstrates that as a human being and as a poet he is not an emotional coward as he deals with issues of Liberty, Biafra, Love, Nigeria, Death, Exile, Faith and Hope…In most of this work, I feel a melancholy tinged with defiance. Proud of his heritage, yet not uncritical of it, the poet writes passionate dirges, elegies, love verses and lyricised protests against war and violence”
Uche Nduka (author of Heart’s Field)
Learn more about The Bridge Selection here.
sala coverSentinel Annual Literature Anthology (SALA) edited by Unoma Azuah, Amanda Sington-Williams and I is a collection of new poems, short stories and plays by writers from different parts of the world.My play Funeral of the Minstrel is included in this book.Funeral of the Minstrel. Esiaba Irobi, The Minstrel is dead. Or is it just a false rumour? It is his funeral and mourners, including his most fanatic students come to honour him, but Esiaba Irobi is not one to go quietly. He gatecrashes his own funeral and is as outspoken, as mirthful and as explosive as ever. He can’t resist a final performance before Earthquake leads him to the Diamond Theatre where Hubert Ogunde, Harold Pinter, and Jaz Amankulor among other theatre greats await the arrival of the intellectual terrorist.

Learn more about SALA and get a copy here.

Blue Hyacinths is a powerful anthology of selected poems from the Diversity House (Excel for Charity) Poetry Competition 2009 administered by Eastern Light EPM International and judged by Geoff Stevens.

I co-edited this anthology with Geoff Stevens.

The title poem, ‘Blue Hyacinths’ by Roger Elkin won the first prize in the competition and leads an excellent line-up of poets at different but impressive and often startling levels of poetic expression.

Poets in this book are: Roger Elkin, Roger James, Sophie Stephenson-Wright, Sian Clifford, Nancy Charley, Stefan Bishop, Noel Williams, Caroune Price, Fehmida Zakeer, Ellaraine Lockie, Mark Chaddock, Jonathan Pinnock, Joel Isaac Barrow, Siddanth Iyer Sequiera, Charles Evans, Jeremy Langrish, Christine Tennent, Jane Williams, Margaret Eddershaw, Stephen Loughlin, Laurie Spencer, Barry Staff, Mike Gwynne, Adrian Shaw, Kelly van Nelson, Sue Moules, Susan M. Fletcher, James Neve, Jenny Duncan, Pamela Odunaiya, Julie Mellor, and Smart Favill.

Blue Hyacinths is available from Eastern Light EPM,, and other good bookstores. It is also available in Barnes and Noble as a Nook book.