Online Stuff

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A Good Home for your Heart (Global Calvary Network, 2016)

Trust Your Faith (Global Calvary Network, 2016)


Lights and Sounds/Les Lueurs et Les Sons (Poesie du Monde 2004)

Isuikwuato II. (Eclectica magazine Jul/Aug 2005)

Six Poems: ‘A Song about what Happens’, ‘Unrestricted Access’, ‘Dead Sun’, ‘Lights and Sounds’, ‘Drink with my Friend’, and ‘Yesterday’ (Other Voices International Poetry Project November 2005)

This Land is not a Land of Terror (Ink Sweat and Tears, September 2010)


A Dance for Her Tiger: Memories of Idu Iyi Rite (Eclectica Magazine Apr/May 2006)

Egwu Nwa: Songs Celebrating Childbirth (Sentinel Literary Quarterly, September 2007)

E.C. Osondu’s ‘Waiting’ – a review. (Sentinel Literary Quarterly, July 2009)

More online stuff forthcoming.