Writing Services

I offer a range of evaluative, editorial and collaborative services to people writing for the stage or screen.


If you have written the treatment for a screen or stage play and would like an evaluation of its possibilities or require further input into how the story might work better, this service is for you. I will write a report on your story’s strengths and weaknesses and suggest how you may be able to sharpen and tighten the plot, and the structure of your work. If your treatment offers a view of the characters in the piece, my report may include a short review of the characters to help develop them further.


There are two things I do with screenplays at the moment. You may have a story that you wish to develop into a screenplay for a movie. I am able to work with you in two ways:

Option A: I ghost-write the screenplay for you. You take full credit for the screenplay and if it goes all the way to production, you also reap 100% of what it earns. I will ghost-write your screenplay for a one-off fee.

Option B: I co-write your screenplay with you. It may be that I write some parts of the script and you write others. When it is done, I will anchor the script so that when the film gets produced, audiences will not be able to tell where one writer stopped and the other began.

Option C: I write the screenplay based on your story or treatment and take sole credit for the screenplay while you are credited for the story.

Option D: Editing only. With this option, you write your entire script yourself, or perhaps you are a film producer or director with a script you have already acquired and would like it edited. I will look at everything from characterisation, through dialogue, plausibility, accuracy of research and credibility of devices used within the period settings and the overall grammar of film. I may also question deliverability of effects and agree whether to edit out or employ an alternative effect.


Editing only. For stage plays, apart from evaluation o f story or treatment, I only offer an editing service to get your play production or publication-ready. I bring to this the benefit of my training and experience as a playwright, actor, director and scene designer. I will therefore bring all elements of theatre into play to make your script work.

If you would like to discuss your stage or screen play with me, by all means Contact me using the form below.

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